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2020 Summer Reading Program

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​Mark and Christa Hanson showcase their ​hilarious two-person library show "Funny Fables and Magical Tales".

Funny Fables and Magical Tales is chock full of family friendly ​humor and comedy juggling routines that drive kids nuts.​ ​Experience fantastical magic gone wrong and ​be entertained by the twists and turns of twisted fables along the way.

Fun Stuff During the Show

Mark Hanson Comedy Juggling

Get ready for a unique library show that will dazzle and amaze your library kids with award winning juggling, unusual magic and laugh-out-loud humor.

Fun Stuff After the Show

Following the show everyone learns to juggle with Mark Hanson the World's Fastest 3-ball juggler as their teacher.

After Show Playtime

Your kids will also have a blast playing with other skill toys like bubble sticks, spinning plates​, ribbon sticks and challenging balance rods.

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