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2020 Summer REading Program

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With the juggling and unicycle Hanson Kids no longer in the show, mom and dad, Mark and Christa, will be showcasing their new two person show "Funny Fables and Magical Tales".

Funny Fables and Magical Tales is chock full of family friendly comedy and some of the same juggling routines that drive kids nuts will still be part of the show. But now you can expect to see fantastical magic and hear fables spicing up the show as well.

Fun Stuff During the Show

Mark Hanson Comedy Juggling

Get ready for a unique library show that will dazzle and amaze your library kids with award winning juggling, unusual magic tricks and humor that will have everyone laughing.

Fun Stuff After the Show

Following the show everyone learns to juggle with Mark Hanson the World's Fastest 3-ball juggler as their teacher.

After Show Playtime

Your kids will also have a blast playing with bubble sticks, spinning plates and trying out the challenging balance rods.

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